3 Card Tarot Spread Meaning

Lots of the seasoned and intuitive Tarot readers around the world are likely to offer their best advice on what every newbie practitioner should know. How about us? What do we want to know about the world of Tarot cards? In fact, there are no certain rules for interpreting the cards’ meanings. We’re able to read and hear a lot about Tarot and then recognize that some of them are contradictory. However, the truth is that nobody knows how we read or work with Tarot cards, except US.

What Is A Tarot Reading?

  • A reading is compared to a slice of journey in life. Yes, it is indeed an esoteric story.
  • Since Tarot is an intuitive compass, it is better to forget the idea of “reading Tarot cards for the future predictions.”
  • Tarot is a mirror.
  • Interpretation will be a combination of knowledge and intuition.
  • It is worth bearing in mind that Tarot and other card oracles tend to be the pieces of the cardboard with images and symbols illustrated on them. As a result, the magic, wisdom, and information are all in us, not in the cards themselves.
  • Last but not least, we are all actually the Tarot, and the cards shall be nothing without our presence.

Learn The Insightful Meaning Behind 3-Card Tarot Spread Now!

3 Card Tarot Spread Meaning

This 3-card Tarot layout is considered as a simple and quick way to gain different insights into our past, present, and even future. Although there’re many variations on the 3-card spread, lots of the readers still pay much more attention to this form (past-present-future). Firstly, we’re required to shuffle the cards while focusing deeply on our nagging questions. After that, lay the first 3 cards out on the table in front of us, from left to right. Yes, its in-depth interpretation and meaning will be clearly shown below:

The 1st cards – Past

  • Events and energies in the past which still affect us.
  • How does our past either hold us back (obstacles) or help us to move forward (growth)?
  • What do we need to take from the past, and then use for our advantage today?

The 2nd card – Present

  • What is going on for us at the present time?
  • The energy of the current time.
  • Opportunities and challenges that are now being presented to us!

The 3rd card – Future

  • The outcome of situation
  • The direction for something to go ahead!
  • What are we wishing now?

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