3 Interesting Cards Used In Free Tarot Love

Free Tarot Love
Free Tarot Love

In any free tarot love session, you will come across a number of interesting cards. Of course, not all cards are considered to be the best in a love reading but they are important nonetheless. As such, it can help you a great deal if you take the time to understand these cards. Here are some of the fascinating cards.

The Cards
  • The Star
  • This tarot card is a symbol of hope and spirituality. Based on the questions you asked during the reading, it can represent inspiration or renewal. It can also be a symbol of serenity. When reversed, this card can denote despair and a lack of faith. It can also represent discouragement.

  • The Sun
  • When this card is upright, it can signify fun, warmth and vitality. In tarot, it means positivity and success. If this card appears in a reading in a reversed position it can denote depression but the depression will be a temporary one. In this position, it can also be an indicator of a lack of success.

  • The Moon
  • This is the tarot card of intuition and dreams. It is representative of the unconscious. When upright, this card can mean insecurity, fear, illusion and anxiety. However, when reversed in a reading, this card indicates a release of fear. It can also represent confusion and unhappiness in the reversed position.

  • The World
  • In tarot, you will find this card to be an indicator of integration, completion and accomplishment when it is upright. However, it is not just about completion but also the new beginning that occurs after the completion. Depending on the reading, it can also mean travel. On being reversed, it means that there is a lack of completion or of closure.

Understanding these cards can make it easier for you to understand free tarot love reading online. With practice, even you may start giving readings.

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