4 Cards You Must Know To Learn Tarot Effectively

Learn Tarot
Learn Tarot

When you wish to learn tarot, you have to become familiar with the various cards that are used for the readings. Of course, you will end up working with the major arcana for many readings. As such, you need to understand the most important ones of them so that you can provide effective readings. Here are some of the most vital ones.

The Cards
  • The Fool
  • In tarot, the Fool can symbolize a number of things. As such, its interpretation greatly depends on the question that has been asked. In many cases, this card is a symbol of immaturity and naivety. However, that is usually the case when the card appears in a reverse position. In the upright position, this card can be a symbol of innocence and new beginnings. It can also indicate a free spirit or spontaneity.

  • Death
  • When it comes to lotus tarot reading, people tend to be afraid of the Death card. However, this card is not a bad one by any means. In the upright position, this card can actually symbolize endings and beginnings. It represents changes and transformation. On being reversed, it can denote an inability to move on or being resistant to changes. In short, the card is not scary by any means.

  • The Hanged Man
  • This is another tarot card that is often misunderstood. It is actually a symbol of sacrifice and letting go. It can also mean restrictions and suspensions depending on the reading. When reversed, this card becomes symbolic of martyrdom. In such a position, it can indicate delays and indecisions.

  • The Devil
  • This tarot card is also considered to be scary. In the upright position, this card is a symbol of addiction and bondage. It can also indicate materialism and sexuality. On reversed, this card becomes positive as it then denotes detachment and breaking free.

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