4 Wonderful Steps to Have a Successful Tarot Free Reading

How great it will be if we are able to foresee our future before it happened? Unluckily, this thought is impossible and we have to keep guessing or taking life as it comes. Zodiac, Astrology, Numerology or Palmistry can help a bit, but they cannot tell us what is going to happen. These things just give you a brief idea of how things would go, not the exact events. In this case, many people come to Tarot Free Reading to find the answer themselves.

How to use Tarot Cards

Using tarot cards means you need to learn to handle and shuffle them well. The next step, you have to know the meaning of each card and then predict things. Here we go!

1. Take Your Deck
First of all, if you want to know to use tarot cards, you have to possess a good tarot deck. It can be a deck that has an artwork and aesthetics representing and reflecting who you are. Choosing a deck is dependent on your personal tastes and preferences. Choose a deck that has pictures on all the cards if you are a beginner. A traditional Rider-Waite deck may be a good choice until you have mastered the basis of the cards and are able to release a good tarot card reading.

2. Handle With Care
In fact, these cards need to be handled properly. There is a belief that you should not let anyone touch your deck of cards. Of course, it depends on your discretion if you want to give the deck to someone else. However, I suggest you not to do that. If you let the deck be mixed and infused with strange energy, the deck can never be accurate any more. Keep it for yourself so that the deck of Tarot will serve you as its only master.

3. Shuffling Away
Shuffling the tarot cards can be performed in the same way as we shuffle the playing cards. It means dividing the deck into two halves and then stack the cards at the same time. You can twist portions of the deck to create upright and reversed positions of the card.

4. Divide and Read
When using tarot cards, dividing the deck is very important. After you finish shuffling the cards, you will divide the deck. Nevertheless, you can only do this when you do not have any client, which means you are reading the cards for yourself. The simplest way to divide the cards is cutting the deck into three stacks. It is the basic step right before you learn how to do Tarot Free Reading.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that famous Tarot readers often charge more. Individual readings with Sylvia Browne often take you several hundred dollars. A beginner or novice reader who works at her home or in the back of a small shop will probably charge a lot less. The second thing to determine is what you get for your money. If a $200 reading does not answer your questions, it has no value at all. But if a $50 reading can get you out of trouble, then you are using your money in the right place.

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