4 Wonderful Steps You Need To Know About Tarot Reading Free

Every morning, many of us wake up with a question in mind – “how will be my day?” Nowadays, there are various newspapers and astrology sites that can help us find out how our day will be. Some people wait for the daily newspaper to read their daily horoscope while some read Tarot Reading Free to foresee what is about to happen in their life.

4 Steps to Do Tarot Reading

Fortune telling using Tarot cards is something very amazing, especially when you just need to click your mouse. Enjoy Tarot Reading Psychic to see what the mysterious cards are trying to tell you. If it works for you, do not forget to bookmark it to check tomorrow’s reading. Here are four simple steps for you to get your card of the day:

  1. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Get rid of all the negative thoughts or concerns in your life.
  2. Open your eyes with a fresh mind and pay attention to the center of the card deck.
  3. Click the mouse to shuffle the cards and receive your tarot reading for the day!
  4. These predictions can be taken as a clue for the day. You should use it only once in a day.

The Meaning of Elements in Tarot Reading

The tarot deck includes Major Arcana (no suits) and Minor Arcana (four suits). These suits are Cups, Wands, Plates, and Swords, making up for the four elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Getting thorough knowledge about both the Arcana cards will help you learn and read tarot cards easily.





– Demonstration
– Physical creation
– Physical expression in world

– Compassion
– Emotions/feelings
– Language of Spirit

– Action
– Conflict
– Force
– Motivation
– Power

– Enlightenment
– Communication
– Concepts/thoughts


In fact, reading cards is an intuitive process. The cards become a central point for your psychic abilities, like any other form of divination. There is different spreads or layouts in a free Tarot reading. While some readers use elaborate layouts, others just pull out three to six cards to conduct their performance. The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular layouts. Other famous spreads are the Romany spread, the Tree of Life spread, and the Pentagram spread. Some psychics do a simple spread, in which three to seven or even ten cards are laid out for interpretation.

What comes to your mind when you think of tarot cards? Gypsy women, black cats, crystal balls, and Ouija boards, right? In fact, tarot cards are more than extravagant abracadabra. For some believers, they consider Tarot deck as a powerful tool to explore one person’s inner workings. There is not any fixed rule or regulation in interpreting the cards. In fact, every time you conduct Tarot Reading Free, you will see many different meanings that are hidden behind the beautiful pictures and symbols on each card. Learning to read tarot cards may be a difficult task for beginners, but it is not impossible. Once you pay effort to understand its secrets, you will soon master the fundamental of Tarot deck.

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