6 Steps You Need To Know When Learning Tarot Readings

Tarot cards appeared in mid 15th century. If you are interested in learning Tarot readings, this article is the perfect place to begin. Let’s discover the mysteries behind each card and how you can change your life by knowing it in advance. All materials you need are Tarot books, Tarot cards, card table, journal and pen.

How to learn Tarot Reading

Step 1: Sit at your table and hold a new deck of tarot cards in your hands. If you are a beginner, you should select the Rider-Waite deck. You can buy them at bookstores.

Step 2: Put a white cloth over the table and place the deck over it. By this way, you are keeping your cards safe and clean for a long time. Besides, find a clean area to keep the deck when you are not using it.

Step 3: Focus on the question you want to ask. Shuffle the deck or mix them with both hands.

Step 4: Now divide the deck evenly into two stacks. While you are cutting the deck, say the question out loud. There are many kinds of card spread that you can easily find in the book, including the three card spread, the ellipse spread, the Celtic spread, the mirror spread, the relationship spread, and so on. The simplest one that most novices often choose is the four cards diamond spread.

Step 5: Look carefully at the images and symbols on each card. The ones that are looking toward the right side up of you are revealing a positive situation. Likewise, the ones that are looking upside down are the reverse cards. Generally speaking, reversed tarot cards represent conflict or broken energy.

Step 6: Now you have the spread in front of you, look at the cards one by one and interpret their meanings. Follow your instincts and use the books as your guide.


Try to keep things positive even though your cards may indicate all kinds of gloom, doom, and destruction. If you feel some sort of illness is coming, or someone’s marriage is in trouble, DON’T say, “Oh my God, this is bad!!” Instead, remind them that things can change at any time, owing to the decisions they make in life. Read for anyone who lets you – and do not be reluctant to tell people what you see. Ultimately, you will get comfortable with reading Tarot cards and then your skill will really shine.

Once you master the secrets of the tarot cards, you can easily practice them in your daily life. Learning Tarot cards is fun when you see them transforming into your life. Once they do, you will never regret learning Tarot readings. Sometimes when you do not know which ways to select, just ask the Tarot cards. It is a useful tool to look for advice and guidance in your life. If you truly connect to the Tarot deck, you will be able to see the intuitive message from your Inner God or Guardian Angel. The cards can tell you anything about your love, money, health, career, past life, future life, and so on.

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