Astrology Tarot Love Reading

Astrology Tarot Love Reading

Though there seem to be several similarities between Astrology and Tarot, both of them are entirely different areas of study. Some suppose that Astrology is able to offer better insights into the timing of the events whereas the Tarot can give better insights into the different folks surrounding the questioner.

In either case, intuition can be often required for both disciplines. However, it is really crucial to realize that there isn’t a direct relationship between Tarot and astrological symbolism. Typically, the correlations between these 2 specific fields might be different from one interpreter to another.

For some purposes, the associations made between Tarot and Astrology should be taken advantage of as a powerful tool for deepening the understanding of a person about subtleties around the Tarot’s significance. Of course, Tarot cards will often have their own and totally independent symbolism whilst the generalized astrological associations can provide another layer to their interpretations.

Tarot Astrology – The Astrological Sign Of Gemini Is Associated To The Lovers Tarot Card

Astrology Tarot Love Reading

In a deck of Tarot cards, the Lovers Tarot card is always considered as one of the most empowering cards. Generally, the card tends to indicate both the conscious and unconscious sides of our psyches. At that tine, it will reflect 2 vital elements to our own minds. First of all, the unconscious part implies our hidden desires, motivations, and feelings. Secondly, the conscious one represents the reflective, objective, and rational processes.

On another degree, the Lovers card may symbolize the major crossroads as well as the strong need to make any definitive decision on an individual’s journey. In a Tarot session, the card will reveal one’s need to increase his level of autonomy. This shall be the period of development where he selects to follow his personal path.

When being attached to a Gemini, The Lovers card can remind us to make use of our rational thinking skills. In fact, this is depicted as one of the strongest characteristics of those born under this Zodiac sign. On a regular basis, the Gemini mind is reflective, perceptive, and analytical.

As a result, the Gemini lover might dwell within his personal mind, and own an unlimited supply of the new ideas. Sometimes, he could be fairly resourceful, and become a powerful communicator. However, in Tarot readings, the Gemini-Lovers combination has a tendency to represent the strong need for self-awareness. It usually asks one to make the conscious decisions about some life direction, remember!

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