Can You Read Your Own Tarot Cards?

One of the biggest advantages of reading tarot card is truly the increased Psychic sensitivity, which often comes along with extra practice. In any case, working with the Kabbalistic as well as astrological symbolism located in the cards may stimulate something in our brain that makes us become more in tune with psychic awareness, or simply be more accustomed to tapping into subtle frequencies of spiritual planes.

Regardless of the reasons why we decide to read Tarot, we will find the experience rewarding. Plus, once we’re truly more adept, like skillful Tarot readers, the benefits will certainly grow. Thus, can we read our own Tarot cards? Yes, it is always possible to do this because there is no rule in interpreting the cards, and Tarot is all about intuition!

How To Learn To Read Tarot?

Can You Read Your Own Tarot Cards?

At the beginning of the process, the most important thing to remember is an exercise of memorization. Have some difficulties? It is encouraged to check with a metaphysical store in our local place to see whether someone is offering lessons on Tarot or not. At times, learning in a group environment or workshop will aid us in grasping the cards’ meanings on our mind more deeply than just working alone. Obviously, we are still allowed to set aside plenty of time for our self-study! Overall, reading the tarot can be known as a solitary process.

Sometimes, we can find it useful to keep a journal of the cards’ significances whenever understanding them individually. Besides, don’t forget to record any other sensations or impressions we experience during a session. At that time, our journal may be plain or fancy. One of the greatest things to get started is a simple spiral notebook.

It is up to us to decide whether we should interpret the reversed cards or not. However, in the initial period, it is advisable for us to read cards without considering any reversed position. Of course, we may always change our practice later.

Once analyzing our own card at first, we should make use of the Tarot manual, which comes with our deck. Nonetheless, please don’t depend too heavily upon this manual or we shall never come across with the rudimentary aspects of reading. Last but not least, being actually able to read Tarot can often require a thorough study of the astrology, Kaballah, as well as numerology, coupled with our inner knowing or own gnosis!

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