How To Do Tarot Card Readings With Playing Cards?

How To Do Tarot Card Readings With Playing Cards?

A deck of playing cards has been around for years and has always been made use of as a helpful source of recreation. Nonetheless, the ancient playing cards seemed to be more different than the numbered ones we apply these days. Day after day, the cards holding the mythical creatures and spiritual symbols have became the powerful tools for fortune-telling, divination, and the part of certain occult.

In the olden time, lots of the soothsayers preferred to use the common playing cards for foretelling their seekers’ fates. This practice would protect any holy reader from being branded as wizards or witches and then allowed them to enjoy the normal lives. After that, the practice of availing playing cards for doing a Tarot session has been reintroduced. Obviously, it has widely been followed by dozens of the takers and believers who have a strong desire to discover what their future prospects hold.

Playing Card and Tarot Symbols

How To Do Tarot Card Readings With Playing Cards?

According to lots of the gifted and experienced Cartomancers, it is totally possible to forecast the one’s destiny through using playing cards. The 4 signs – Heart, Diamonds, Spade, and Clubs – are known as the meaningful ones for a Tarot practitioner. Given below will be the symbols of the playing cards corresponding with Tarot.

  • Spades (corresponding with Swords in Tarot deck): indicate misfortune, personal loss, and death.
  • Clubs (corresponding with Wands in Tarot deck): offer information.
  • Hearts (corresponding with Cups in Tarot deck): concentrate on matters of heart and happiness.
  • Diamonds (corresponding with Pentacles in Tarot deck): deal with the issues of a business or venture. Sometimes, it also reveals information about money and fortune.
  • Joker: All of the joker cards symbolize The Fool from the Tarots that need to be read with other cards picked out by the seekers.

Things to keep in mind

It is highly significant that we should pick our cards in sets of 1-3-6-9-12, etc. This will enable the session to be impartial and offer the middle path for the circumstance at hand. Any time we are getting stuck and in need of the instant advice, we are able to pick only one card for helping us zone-in on the problem and solution.

Furthermore, we ought to cleanse our thoughts in order that we might focus our energy on the inquiries we want to ask the cards. Remember, this step is really important since if our mind tends to be muddled with the conflicting feelings, the cards could find it difficult to analyze both the questions and answers we are looking for.

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