How to Read Tarot Cards For Yourself Easily?

How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

When you want to know how to read tarot cards for yourself, there is much that you need to learn first. After all, these readings involve the interpretation of the cards on the basis of numerous factors and variables. However, with practice, you can become good at this activity and even end up helping others with their questions. Here is an easy guide to help you out.

The Guide
  • The Deck
  • Before you can start learning about the cards, you need to first buy a tarot deck. There are various types of decks with their own special features. Almost all kinds of esoteric decks are available including animal spirits and vampire cards. You should choose one to whom you feel a natural affinity. This can make it easier to understand the cards and provide the readings. The most popular choice is Rider-Waite.

  • The Cards
  • There are two categories used for dividing the tarot cards. One is the Major Arcana and the other is the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana is made of 56 cards. The Minor Arcana is further divided into 4 suits. For most kinds of readings, you will have to separate the two sets. They are rarely shuffled together.

  • The Spread
  • There is an incredible range of tarot cards spreads available that you can choose from. It is even possible to make a reading with a single card. Be that as it may, you should also learn the basic 3-card spread. There are other complicated spreads, some of which are meant to be used only for specific kinds of readings. Many readers develop their own spreads. With enough practice and experience you can develop your own spread as well.

These tips will help you get started on how to read tarots. However, you need to practice continuously so as to develop the skills necessary for a proper reading.

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