Love Relationship Tarot Reading Interpretation

Once conducting a love tarot reading, it is totally useful to work directly with the Major Arcana cards. In general, like the mirrors, the cards of the Major Arcana often constantly reflect not only the level of consciousness back to us, but also the consciousness of our relationships. Yes, they serve as a clear guide for the fascinating path of our love and relationships. Any type of tasks, challenges, and learning processes will be shown on the surface with the help of these Major Arcana Cards.

Work With The Major Arcana In A Love And Relationship Tarot Reading Now!

The Tarot is incredibly helpful in highlighting the hidden truths and major nuances of our life cycles which we tend to overlook. Any time we draw a card, it is like that we are looking into a mirror. At this point, their symbolic imagery will indicate our present circumstances while every card shall describe a valuable lesson to be determined and a stage of development.

The Tarot owns the special power to trigger both unconscious and conscious reaction. Hence, any question asked will be expressed via our own willingness to discover ourselves and our love life. As soon as exploring matters of the heart, we shall have a chance to consciously uncover the terms of the relationship from cool and new perspectives. Needless to say, we don’t need to be imprisoned by our biased opinions and preconceived concepts any more.

Here are some Major Arcana cards, and their interpretations will be based on romance readings. Each card is multi-layered. Nevertheless, in this case, we are invited to emphasize their meanings in reference to love and relationships only.

The Fool Tarot Card

There might be delusions about the ideal relationship, remember! It is time to review how we perceive our romance. Take a risk, yet don’t be careless.

The Magician Tarot Card

  • There could be the beginning of a new relationship
  • A male devotee or lover
  • A strong wish to change our partner via manipulation

The High Priestess Tarot Card

  • It can be an inner connection to our sweetheart
  • Some concealed information has to come to light
  • A female devotee or lover
  • A desire to educate our partner via a feminine approach

The Empress Tarot Card

  • It may be a relationship full of possibility and pleasure
  • Fertile ground for the new romance to emerge
  • A possible pregnancy
  • The exchange of love

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