Tarot Card Meanings With Regular Cards

In fact, the use of playing cards for divination and fortune telling has been around from time immemorial, most likely started by Gypsies. If we do not possess a Tarot deck at hand, this subject will lead us towards the efficient ways to use a regular deck of playing cards for reading Tarot.

How To Learn Tarot Cards’ Meanings With Playing Cards?

Tarot Card Meanings With Regular Cards

Practice meditation before we do our own reading
Meditation may empty our mind out of other thoughts so that our reading can be sure to be clear and precise. Spread Tarot cards in the way we yearn to “read” them later. Reading cards means interpreting their significances, based on their placement in the layout. This is especially a bit tricky if we carry out a session for ourselves, and don’t come up with an open mind to the cards’ meanings.

Learn what every card implies in a general sense, regardless of suits. At that time, the court cards are be applied to indicate the querent in some readings.

  • Ace: New Beginnings
  • Two: Opposition or Choice/Balance to be Made
  • Three: Creativity and Communication
  • Four: Foundation
  • Five: Changes and Restlessness
  • Six: Harmony and Adaptation
  • Seven: Surprises
  • Eight: Karma
  • Nine: Luck
  • Ten: Completion
  • The Jack: Youth (Female or Male)
  • The Queen: A Mature Female
  • The King: A Mature Male
  • The Joker: Unexpected and Uncontrolled

Understand the suits

    • The suit of Diamonds (corresponds to the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot): reveals the material and physical realms or intellect and clear thinking.
    • The suit of Clubs (have correspondence with the suit of Wands in the Tarot): discloses the creative worlds as well as practical and initiative endeavors.
    • The suit of Hearts (gets correspondence with the suit of Cups in the Tarot): uncovers the emotional realms and maturity, nurturing, compassion, and comfort.
    • The suit of Spades (make correspondence with the suit of Swords in the Tarot): divulges the wisdom of old age and warnings or barriers in life.
    • The Joker card often corresponds to The Fool card in a regular deck of Tarot cards. Its number is 0, and known as a “wild” card. Once appearing in a spread, it implies that something uncontrolled or unexpected might occur. It is necessary to use just 1 Joker card as there is no reason to apply both cards which normally come with a regular card pack.

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