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Some people believe that tarot card is the best tools of seeing what the future has in store for them. Others believe that it is a guide to help you make the right decisions to create a better future. Everybody is eager to know how their future is. If you are interested in the art of tarot reading, Tarot Free will show you two of the famous Tarot spreads that can help you understand the basics of Tarot. These spreads are very simple for beginners.

1. Three Card Spread
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It is one of the simplest and easy-to-learn spreads. First of all, you need to shuffle the cards and divide them into three equal parts. Remember to concentrate on the question while you are spreading the decks. Choose one card from each pile and lay them on the table with face down.

The card on the left indicates the history pertaining to the question. The card in the middle reveals the current situation related to the topic. The card on the right emphasizes the possible future.

Take notice: Tarot cards do not give answers in a Yes/No form, so you have to focus on the reading to get a deeper insight into the subject. Like Tarot Free said, you need to put your heart into the realm of spirit to succeed in Tarot reading. Once you are familiar with the meanings of all the tarot cards, you will find it easy to interpret them.

2. Four Card Spread

Like any other kind of spread, the foremost step in the four card tarot spread is: focusing on the question while shuffling the cards. Keep shuffling until you are sure that you are totally focused. From the top of the deck, pick four cards and lay them on the table with the face upwards. After that, flip the cards to see their face and interpret their meaning.

From left to right, the first card represents the past, the second is the present, the third is the future, and the fourth is the answer to your query. In a four card spread, the first card represents how the past affects your relationship, the second reveals how the present affects it, the third indicates how the scenario will be in the future, and the last card denotes the measure to make a positive change. By modifying these spreads, the readers can help people from various walks of life.

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