Tarot Love Reading Spread

It is supposed that love Tarot readings own an uncanny power to uncover something relating to matters of the heart that are struggling. Importantly, the Tarot is able to identify the key problems which are going on within each lover. Often, this refers to each person’s emotional development, past experiences, and expectations that are being projected into a relationship.

Tarot Spread – How To Find Love?

Actually, one of the most questions posed by most of the seekers during a Tarot session is about the concerns of love. The general belief has it that finding true love is something that is predestined or an act of fate, and of course, it is outside of one’s self. However, it is worth pointing out that we ourselves often play a huge role in our love lives.

We all will hope that a romance Tarot reading can tell us exactly what we should do to bring harmony and balance back into our serious relationships. In truth, that isn’t always the case. Specially, the Tarot cards can open the door to our inner knowledge since they are considered as the divinatory tool, allowing us to access our unconscious and higher selves. In the end, we’re always our own best guide.

Once using a love tarot reading for answers to relationship-related questions, it is really vital to realize that there are some important cards that may question our motivations and intentions. These cards tend to reflect major crossroads which require us to look within ourselves before making any decision.

When it comes to the “How to Find Love“, this 5-card spread often determines the key aspects in one’s life that is necessary to be developed so that he will enjoy a loving relationship.

  • The First Card: This card indicates us and the key matters related to our current love life. It tends to pertain to the emotional areas which are influencing our relationship.
  • The Second Card: This card indicates our behavioral patterns that are affecting our love life.
  • The Third Card: This card indicates the aspects that we should strengthen to find our true half.
  • The Fourth Card: This card indicates the areas that we need to process or change in order to meet our mate.
  • The Fifth Card: This card indicates the aspects within ourselves that we have to liberate, open, or express ourselves in order that we well have a caring romance full of love and attention.

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