Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread

The 10-card Tarot Spread or the Celtic Cross Tarot Layout is one of the most popular spreads used by Tarot readers, but also one of the most complicated layouts to interpret. Whereas almost all of the beginners apply the Celtic Cross spread to start their journey, it often requires a deeper understanding of the different positions and inter-relationships across such positions for the purpose of gaining the most value from the layout.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Layout And Its Mysterious Interpretation

Before dealing with Tarot cards, a practitioner is required to meditate. After that, shuffle the cards while focusing on his query. Finally, lay the cards out as the picture:

Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread

It is time to analyze it now!
Card 1: The Questioner
This card often implies the person who is asking a question. Typically, while it is the one being read for, at times, the messages can come through which refer to someone in the his daily life.

Card 2: The Situation
This card implies the circumstance at hand or the potential situation. Yes, it tends to show that there are either the obstacles on the way or possibilities for the best solution.

Card 3: The Foundation
The third card implies factors which are behind the questioner (usually some influences from the distant past). Thus, he is advised to think of this card as a foundation that any hard situation can be built on.

Card 4: The Recent Past
It implies events and impacts that tend to be more recent. Bear in mind that this card can be connected to the third card, but not always.

Card 5: The Short-Term Outlook
This card implies events, which seem to happen in the near future, normally within the next few months. It also exhibits how the condition is going to develop and unfold once everything progresses on their present course.

Card 6: The Current State of The Issue
This sixth card implies whether the situation can be on its way towards a right resolution or it has stagnated. It also shows where the questioner is in relation to his future outcome.

Card 7: The Outside Influences
This card usually implies external influences, which might have an effect on the wishful outcome.

Card 8: The Internal Influences
It is sure that inner feelings have a profound impact on his behaviors and actions. It is likely that the questioner’s own subconscious works against him.

Card 9: Fears and Hopes
This card tends to be similar in aspect to the card 8. Questioner’s fears and hopes are conflicted, and sometimes, he hopes for the thing he is afraid of.

Card 10: The Long-Term Outcome
This card indicates the likely long-term solution of the problem. Probably, it reveals the culmination of other 9 cards put together. Thus, its results will be seen over the course of months to a year.

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