Tarot Reading With Normal Cards

Tarot Reading With Normal Cards

Do we need a cool party trick? Why don’t we impress our buddies by telling their fortune, just with a normal deck of playing cards? Of course, it is fairly simple to learn, and is also a wonderful way to gain more exciting insights into a specific relationship or situation of anyone we are performing the Tarot session for. All we need is to spend time in getting to know the meanings hidden underneath these playing cards. Then, we are quickly able to discover the mysterious story behind what is going on.

How To Read The Tarot Using Normal Cards?

As mentioned, the Tarot may be interpreted by using a simple deck of playing cards. At that time, the deck of 52 playing cards will be translated into the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Here is its brief explanation:

Playing Cards Tarot Cards Correspondence
Spades Swords Conflict and Thought
Clubs Wands Passion and Action
Hearts Cups Creativity and Love
Diamonds Pentacles Security and Money

Table 1: The Correspondence Between The Suits Of Tarot Cards & Playing Cards

Keep in mind that, like the way that the suits correspond between playing cards and Tarot cards, the numerology on the cards will also have the same meaning.

  • Ace – New beginning
  • Two – Diplomacy and Partnership
  • Three – Drive and Transition
  • Four – Stability
  • Five – Change
  • Six – Harmony
  • Seven – Mystery
  • Eight – Strength
  • Nine – Leadership
  • Ten – Completion

Don’t forget that the numerology as well as the suits will provide every card with a specific meaning. For more clarification, please pay much attention to the table below:

Number Spades Clubs Hearts Diamonds
One A new idea New enterprise New love More income
Two Peace Intuition A connection Bartering
Three Heartbreak Preparations Celebration Teamwork
Four Contemplation Community Apathy Possessiveness
Five Defeat Conflict Loss/grief Poverty
Six Travel Victory Pleasure Charity
Seven Deceit Politics Daydreaming Dissatisfaction
Eight Confusion Progress Seeking truth New skill
Nine Worry Revolution Satisfaction Luxury
Ten Endings Responsibility Fulfillment Family wealth

Table 2: The Correspondence Between The Suits and The Numerology

The Court Cards – Jacks, Queen and Kings – might be read in 2 different ways: Either as a situation or as real people. In some cases, they can be used as both people and circumstances at the same time. The reason is that the people tend to create the situations, right?

Court Cards Spades Clubs Hearts Diamonds
Jack Spying / Rebel Traveler / Travel A Love Interest Change of work
Queen A Professional Artist / Artistic Healer / Psychic Homemaker
King An Expert Leader / Business Owner Teacher / Manager Middle Management

Table 3: Understanding The Meaning Of The Court Cards

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