Tarot Reading

Tarot cards were used for playing card games in ancient times, but today, they become an effective means for problem solving and self-improvement. Nowadays, people use Tarot reading for the purpose of meditation and fortune telling. A set of 78 cards makes a tarot deck. Each card represents different symbols and pictures. Major Arcana, which includes 22 cards, make a standard tarot. 14 cards of four suits create another set of cards called Minor Arcana.

History of Tarot Cards
Tarot Reading

There are numerous arguments about the origin of tarot cards. While some believe that they initiated in Northern Italy during the 15th century, some say that they started in Western Europe during the medieval period. However, some people argue that it originated in ancient Egypt. In a word, the one that exists today come from Italy. Regardless of the arguments about their origin, Tarot’s meanings and interpretations have been consistent throughout the years. Nowadays, there are many types of tarot cards available for the readers to use.

Tarot Card Readings

Among many types of tarot cards, Rider – Waite is the most popular one that is used by most of the tarot readers. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of Tarot reading: open readings and question readings.

1. Open Readings

When a tarot reader predicts the future of an individual in general areas rather than a particular area, it is called an open reading. This kind of Tarot reading only works for a person who already gets married or graduates from college. It is useful for those who would like to foresee their future before they start a family. Open reading is not focused on a specific area of one’s life.

2. Question Readings

This type is more focused than open reading. For example, the questions such as, ‘What can I do to live harmoniously with the different members of my family?’ is reckoned to be a focused question. Whereas, a question like “How can I strike a balance between my hobbies and family time?” is an open question. Many people prefer question readings to open readings anytime.

In question readings, you offer only minimum details to see what the cards say. Questions in question readings are often neutral. You need to formulate the questions in a positive way. For example, ask questions such as “What steps do I have to take to prepare for an event?” instead of questions such as “Why that specific event did not happen?”

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