True Love Calculator Through Palm Reading

Wish to calculate our true love compatibility? It is time to consider a palm reading or palmistry! Interpreting palm lines for family members and buddies may be entertaining, and we are able to amaze how a hand analyst can read our palm, just with a couple of easy-to-learn steps. On palm, there will be 4 major lines, including the head line, the heart line, the life line, and the fate line. Interestingly, understanding the basis of what the Heart line represents can give us insights into our matters of the heart or just be a fun way to pass the time when we are in a dynamic conversation with others at a party.

Decipher the Heart Line To Uncover Your Love Life Now!

The Heart line, or the Love life, will begin from the edge of our palm underneath the pinky, run across the palm, and then perfectly end below where the middle finger joins the index finger. Its in-depth interpretation is clearly shown as follows:

  • If the line is long and then ends underneath the index finger, it indicates that a person’s affection tends to be more spiritual than physical. On the contrary, if the line is short and then ends below the middle finger, it will give us an opposite meaning. The thin and deep line denotes that the emotion is gentle and delicate while the thick and shallow line implies that the emotion is wild and rough.

  • In case the line curves downwards underneath the middle finger, it means headstrong, forceful, or irrational love.

  • If it is long with splits at the end, and then curves downwards, it is a sign of stubborn love as well as willingness to sacrifice anything for love.

  • In case the beginning of the Heart line owns feather-like creases, a questioner is highly passionate and affectionate.

  • If the feather-like creases are located above the line only, this person is resourceful, flexible, and quick-witted to any change from the life.

  • In case the Love Line tends to have a shape of iron chain, it symbolizes moody, overly sensitive, and depressed individual.

  • If there are circular creases on the line, below the little finger, the questioner can get involved in eye or eyesight issues. However, if circular creases appear on another part of the line, it represents troubles in maintaining a relationship.

  • In case the Heart line has gaps or is broken, it indicates extreme hardship or trauma in a romantic bond.

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