What Do the 4 Popular Free Tarot Latin Cards Mean?

Free Tarot Latin
Free Tarot Latin

Using free tarot Latin cards can help you discover the answers to a variety of questions. However, there are quite a few cards which are misunderstood as to their actual significance in a reading. In order to truly appreciate the information you are receiving from the reading, you need to understand the actual meanings of these cards. Here are some of the cards.

The Cards
  • The Fool
  • In tarot, the Fool can symbolize innocence, new beginnings and potential. It can represent that which has the highest potential for you. It can also represent the start of all kinds of creativity and the wish to achieve new aims. It can also signify a free spirit. In a reading, this card can show the need to start on a new journey or symbolize an important choice that you need to make.

  • Death
  • Contrary to popular belief, this tarot card does not actually signify death. Instead, it can represent both endings and beginnings. As such, it is a symbol of transition, transformation and change. As such, this is a positive card. In readings, it can symbolize the end of a phase of your life and start of a new one. It can indicate that the time is one of profound transformation.

  • Devil
  • This tarot card does actually have a negative aspect to it. After all, it represents the negative forces and energies which can restrain a person. When it appears in a reading, it is time for you to think on what is holding you back or restricting you. It can also signify addictions.

  • The Hanged Man
  • This free tarot lotus card is a sign of sacrifice and restriction. In many cases, it shows that you need to postpone a decision. In other situations, it can be a sign that you are stuck in your life.

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