What Do These 5 Exciting Cards in Free Tarot Lotus Mean?

Free Tarot Lotus
Free Tarot Lotus

When you go for a free tarot lotus reading, you will come across a variety of interesting cards. If you know the meaning of each of these cards, you can benefit more from the reading. In fact, you can even start to learn how to read these cards for your own sake.

The Cards
  • Strength
  • This tarot card is representative of strength, power and determination. However, the card does not deal with the physical aspects of these qualities. Rather, they are about the mind. In other words, this card symbolizes the inner strength. It also denotes courage, control, compassion and patience.

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • In tarot, this card is known to be very symbolic. The image present in this card carries symbols from religion, astrology and numerology. The card is representative of good luck, destiny and life cycles. Depending on the reading, it can also symbolize a turning point.

  • Temperance
  • The Temperance tarot card is all about balance and moderation. It can also be used for symbolizing patience, meaning and purpose. In a reading, it can indicate that the person is trying to implement moderation, patience and balance in his or her life.

  • The Tower
  • In tarot, the Tower can be a dangerous card as it is a symbol of disaster. However, it can also be about revelation, sudden change and upheaval. In readings, it can help in discovering a dangerous situation or a major change.

  • The World
  • This card is a symbol of integration, travel and accomplishment. However, its most important meaning is completion. If you get this card in a reading, it may denote that something is complete or achieved. 

In any reading, the position of the card with respect to others can affect the meaning of the card. As such, you should not take cards at their face value when getting or giving a free tarot love reading.

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