Why Is Suit of Cups Important In Free Love Tarot Reading?

Free Love Tarot Reading
Free Love Tarot Reading

In a free love tarot reading, there are many cards that can be revealed. However, not all of them are important in such a reading. Of all the cards, there are a few which have a major impact on a reading about love. Four of these cards belong to the Suit of Cups. As such, you should know the roles they play in the reading.

The Cards
  • Two of Cups
  • This tarot card shows that there is the presence of a strong bond between the two people. As a result, this card often becomes the symbol of the commitment that is made between the two people in a monogamous relationship.

  • Ten of Cups
  • As you will notice in this card, there is a picture    of a happy family. That is why this card denotes a family that is happy and inside a loving and warm home. This card can also symbolize that deep family values are present leading to an emotion of completion. After all, it means that the perfect partner has been found and the perfect children have been raised.

  • Ace of Cups
  • This card appears when there is a new relationship. This relationship will be filled with happiness and excitement. You will be enjoying this relationship as if it were something special.

  • Knight of Cups
  • This tarot card is symbolic of the idiomatic knight in shining armor. It only appears when you are being loved by someone truly special for you, attractive and completely in love you.

You can also use a free numerology reading to help you out with the issues you are facing in your love life. Moreover, tarot is known to be associated with numerology as all the cards have a specific number attached to them. As such, you can use both of them together for a stronger reading.

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